Sara Hollamby<br /><strong>Style Counsel</strong><br />IT&rsquo;S so easy for all sense of style to get washed away in the waves on holiday, when you&rsquo;re hot and sticky and covered in a fine layer of salt, sand and pink patches. I always admire those women who go to the beach with matching accessories, sleek hair cleverly &ldquo;thrown&rdquo; up in a chignon, sexy sunglasses and blinding lipgloss. Somehow, my holidays are never long enough to spend valuable time co-ordinating my sunbathing wardrobe &ndash; who&rsquo;s looking anyway?<br /><br />Well, there is a happy medium. Making the most of your new tan and looking naturally fabulous round a hotel pool or on the beach is not as difficult as it may seem. The sun brings out the best of your colour, and this is the time to revel in it with accessories. Less is more, so don&rsquo;t wear more than two (maximum three) in a contrasting colour at one time &ndash; you don&rsquo;t want to look like you&rsquo;re trying too hard.<br /><br />Get a gorgeous beach bag in a striking colour &ndash; make sure you like it because you&rsquo;ll use it year after year. I&rsquo;ve had mine at least six years and there&rsquo;s plenty of life in it yet, and you&rsquo;ll end up collecting beachwear that goes with it. Then match up either beach sandals, sunglasses, cover up or bikini. The other way to go is for neutrals. M&amp;S does a fab beach bag in silver, and these silver leather loop-weave sandals from ASOS (&pound;17) are great too. Then you can choose your cover-up &ndash; Liz Hurley does a lovely dress that goes with so many things so you can&rsquo;t fail to look fab, day or night. Don&rsquo;t forget your suncream, hairbrush and lipgloss, then melt glamorously into the sunset. Sara Hollamby is a City image consultant at Working Voices. Email