Have you got a...Scents of occasion?

For those nights of drinks and dancing and general debauchery wear heavy, intoxicating scents. Spicy, musky tones offer a sense of warmth with floral notes adding a richness to the scent.

Chanel Coco Noir; £106
Claiming to capturing the seduction, elegance and magnetism of the colour black, this rich scent is perfect for decadent autumn nights.

Tom Ford Extreme; £80
An unusual combination of basil, chamomile, coriander and cinnamon bark give this unique fragrance an unforgettable spicy citrus scent.


Fragrance should be like outfits; you wouldn’t wear your shortest party dress out to lunch so you shouldn’t wear your most alluring, intense perfume. Save these heavier scents for later.

Dior J’adore Absolu; £85
Luscious fresh floral tones are intensified in this twist on the classic fragrance J’adore. Dior has struck gold with this beautiful remake.

Bvlgari Man; £56
Finding a balance between warmth and freshness this scent celebrates the self-confident man, with hints of sandalwood, violet and white honey.


For daywear, or office-wear you should chose fresh fragrances that will be light and inoffensive. Citrus and floral tones are preferable with airy delicate hues hitting just the right note.

Gucci Première; £77
A fragrance that is sophisticated and iconic as the label itself. Gucci Premiere is designed to make every woman feel glamorous, while retaining the subtlety you need for everyday wear.

Comme des Garcons Amazing Green; £73
Bursting with fresh green energy, this scent fuses organic and mineral ingredients to create a synthesis of freshness and depth. Its notes include palm tree leaves, green pepper, coriander seeds and gunpowder.


Attraction is often started from smell so be sure that you are wearing the right one. Choose bold, inventive fragrances; complexity makes for a more interesting and alluring scent.

Narcisco Rodriguez
For Her; £77
For her has found a new formula with a limited edition reinterpretation of the popular fragrance.

Roja Parfums
Danger; £295
Rich oriental overtones create the ideal scent for cosying up as the dark nights draw in.