Conservative manifesto takes on big state

THE Tory manifesto will be unveiled this morning at Battersea Power Station.

The 130-page hardback document is titled “An invitation to join the government of Britain”. The key theme will be the stripping back of big government in favour of social mobility and personal responsibility. It will include:

• A drop in the headline rate of corporation tax from 28p to 25p.
• Details of plans for discounted share sales in part-nationalised banks.
• Rolling out business start-up schemes.
• Freeing first-time home buyers from stamp duty.
• Forcing government to publish detailed analyses of public spending.
• New powers to veto council tax rises, vote on local policing issues and the ability to sack elected MPs.

It will be printed with a blank cover in a bid to escape the internet spoofs that have plagued much of the Tory election campaign.