Coalition plans £2,000 voucher for childcare


EDGE to drive down the cost of childcare for working parents is at the heart of today’s relaunch of the coalition.

Policies could include a flat-rate childcare voucher paid through the tax system, worth up to £2,000 per child, and allowing childminders to look after more children. Details were vague last night but the new childcare voucher won’t be means-tested and is expected to be funded from existing budgets.

“Our approach is consistent: to help hard-working families get by and get on, so that everyone can reach their full potential,” David Cameron and Nick Clegg state.

The Prime Minister and his deputy believe voters will respond to measures that improve the quality of life for hard-working “strivers”.

As a result they will use the coalition’s mid-term review to promise a housebuilding programme to “make the dream of home ownership a reality for more people”, as well as introducing an “improved state pension that rewards saving”. They also want to reduce the cost of care the elderly.

More investment in transport is promised, with details of the High Speed 2 railway route from Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester to be published.