Theresa May told to resign over 'abject surrender' of Halloween Brexit delay

EU Leaders Agree to  Brexit Extension
Theresa May has refused to resign despite hardline Brexiters' demands (Source: Getty)

Theresa May was accused of an “abject surrender” and told to resign by a furious veteran Conservative MP today after she agreed to another delay to Brexit.

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Sir Bill Cash, one of parliament’s most long-standing anti-EU MPs, urged the PM to quit as she updated the Commons this afternoon on Wednesday evening’s summit in Brussels.

EU leaders agreed to extend the Article 50 negotiation period to 31 October - although the UK could leave before that date if the withdrawal agreement passes through parliament.

While May did receive some supportive messages from Tory MPs during her statement, there was anger from her colleagues opposed to yet another delay.

Sir Bill said: “Does the Prime Minister appreciate the anger that her abject surrender last night has generated across the country having broken promises a hundred times not to extend the time?”

He added: “Will she resign?”

May responded: “I think you know the answer to that.”

As Sir Bill was making his comments, a clearly furious Philip Hammond - sitting next to May on the government front bench - gestured to Sir Bill that he had helped prevent the UK from leaving the EU by repeatedly voting against the withdrawal agreement.

There were further visible signs of Tory splits with another Brexit-backing Conservative, Mark Francois told the Prime Minister: “Patience is a virtue, but sheer obstinacy is not.”

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That prompted many Conservative MPs to break out laughing as Francois has repeatedly refused to compromise his opposition to May’s withdrawal agreement.