Wetherspoon's goes green with vow to stop using plastic straws

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Punters will soon have to sip drinks through paper straws (Source: Getty)

Wetherspoon's and its senior management have taken stands on several issues over the years.

Chairman Tim Martin is still expounding his views on Brexit, and last week all 900 pubs reduced prices in protest against the tax burden on pubs.

Now the chain has turned to an even more pressing issue: plastic straws.

The company today announced it will stop using plastic straws by the end of this year, replacing them with biodegradable paper straws instead.

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Chief executive John Hutson said: “These changes are part of an overall commitment from the company to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste produced.

“We believe that Wetherspoon pub-goers will welcome this.”

As the chain gears up for the move to paper, it also plans to reduce plastic straw usage in the interim.

From today, staff will no longer automatically put a straw in pub-goers' drinks, though you will still be able to ask for one.

The move follows new rules introduced two years ago putting a cost on plastic bags, which drastically reduced the number of bags being used.

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