Forget walking or cycling between stations: Here's a Tube map for scooters

Rebecca Smith
A speedier alternative to walking
A speedier alternative to walking (Source: Micro Scooters)

Scooters aren't just the weapon of choice for young children zipping down pavements.

In fact, they're also a handy way to get around the capital as an alternative to walking, cycling and the Tube.

So says Micro Scooters (naturally), which has put together a London Tube map for scooting, showing how many minutes it takes to scoot between each station. This is based on "a moderate scooting speed".

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In case you were wondering how much of a fitness boost it is too, 30 minutes scooting burns up to 150 calories, though granted you may want to tailor your speed for the sake of your fellow commuters...

And there's also a calculator so you can work out your exact scooting time between two specific places.

(Click or tap for full-sized version.)

Another way to get around London
Another way to get around London (Source: Micro Scooters)

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The classic Tube map has spawned numerous similar versions, from Christmas maps to a Night Tube map that will help peckish Londoners find their nearest midnight McDonald's.

Meanwhile, Transport for London (TfL) has created a batch of walking maps to provide guidance on walking times and the number of steps it takes between stations, and recently updated them to cover Zone 3 and National Rail stations too.

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