KFC is advertising a suspicious (and gross) new "clean eating" burger - and everyone is suspicious

Emma Haslett
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FC has either leaped, feet-first, onto the clean eating bandwagon - or it is expertly trolling the internet.

The fried chicken chain has unveiled its new "clean eating burger" - a chia seed cauliflower "bun", unsweetened almond yoghurt, spiralized chicken breast, 100 per cent British kale, and an "ice cube relish". Er - yum?

The fast food giant launched the burger in collaboration with suspiciously-named clean eating blogger Figgy Poppleton-Rice. Her Twitter account was set up this month - with comments like "#FiggyFact: Kale tastest better out of decorative porcelain". That sounds a little chirpy, even for a food blogger...

The internet seemed unconvinced by the stunt, with one Twitter user pointing out it was "slightly too early for an April Fool".

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Although others still felt it necessary to voice their disgust at the idea...

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