Meet the 96 companies taking a stand against Trump

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Trump's travel ban triggered outrage among technology firms (Source: Getty)

In an unprecedented uniting of mainly technology companies, 96 have joined forces to fight Donald Trump's controversial ban on people from certain countries entering the US.

From giants such as Apple and Google, to smaller firms such as TaskRabbit and Stripe, they have filed what's called an amicus brief in the court of appeals, meaning they are interested parties though not direct litigants of the legal action.

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While the majority of firms joining in are from the tech world - already having been the fastest to act and most vocal about the executive order which has sparked international protests - a handful of non-tech firms should also be noted aong them, including yoghurt company Chobani and denim kings Levi Strauss.

Of the 96 firms, 28 are publicly listed ones - around a third.

Three are international businesses - Sweden's Spotify, Australia's Atlassian and Brazil's KIND - while 70 per cent of the companies are based in California, home of Silicon Valley.

These are the 96 companies taking a stand against Trump

Company Location (HQ)
Adroll California
Aeris Communications California


AltSchool California* Utah
Appboy New York
Apple* California
AppNexus New York
Asana California
Atlassian* New South Wales, Australia
Autodesk* California
Automattic California
Box* California
Brightcove* Massachusetts
Brit Media (Brit + Co) California
Carezone Washington (state)
Checkr California
Castlight Health* California
Chobani New York
Citrix* Florida
Cloudera California
Cloudfare California
Copia Institute California
Docusign California
DoorDash California
DropBox California
Dynatrace Massachusetts
eBay* California
Engine Advocacy California
Etsy* New York
Facebook* California
Fastly California
Flipboard California
Foursquare New York
Fuze Massachusetts
General Assembly New York
Github California
Glassdoor California
Google* California
GoPro* California
Harmonic* California
Hipmunk California
Indiegogo California
Intel* California
JAND (Warby Parker) New York
Kargo New York
Kickstarter New York
KIND Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Knotel New York
Levi Strauss California
LinkedIn California
Lithium Technologies California
Lyft California
Mapbox Washington (District of Colombia)
Maplebear (Instacart) New York
Marin Software* California
Medallia California
Medium California
Meetup New York
Microsoft* Washington (state)
Motivate International California
Mozilla California
Netflix* California
Netgear* California
NewsCred New York
Patreaon California
PayPal* California
Pinterest California
Quora California
Reddit California
Rocket Fuel* California
Saastr California
Salesforce* California
Scopely California
Shutterstock New York
Snap California
Spokeo California
Spotify Stockholm, Sweden
Square* California
Squarespace New York
Strava California
Stripe California
SurveyMonkey California
TaskRabbit California
Tech:NYC New York
Thumbtack California
Turn California
Twilio* California
Twitter* California
Uber California
Via New York
Wikimedia California
Workday* California
Y Combinator California
Yelp* California
Zynga* California

*Denotes publicly listed companies

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