Forget Blue Monday, Trump's election was the most depressing day of the last six years

Lynsey Barber
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Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Face Off In First Presidential Debate At Hofstra University
Blue Monday? Blue Trump Day, more like (Source: Getty)

Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, may have become the unofficial day of the year labelled the most miserable (mostly by PRs trying to flog a story), but now we have some official debunking from data scientists on the matter which indicates just when we have felt the most depressed.

The day Donald Trump won the US election was a shock for many, and it turns out it was actually the most miserable day of the last six years.

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Yep, just days ahead of his inauguration when he will officially become the US President, his 9 November win over Hillary Clinton ranked the most miserable based on data from more than 3.5m responses across Britain.

The app Mappiness, co-created by Dr George MacKerron, an academic at Sussex University who studies the economics of happiness, measures the levels of happiness of more than 65,000 users in the UK stretching back to 2010 and is used for research studies.

On 9 November, the happiness level was measured at just 57.7 per cent, worse even than the divisive vote to leave the EU (that ranked fourth, FYI), or any other event in the last six years.

The second most miserable day was 8 February 2016 when Britain was battered by Storm Imogen.

As we await the inauguration, perhaps we can comfort ourselves with the fact that we can't feel any worse? Or perhaps not, based on the Scottish Sunday Herald's preview of things...

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