#TubeStrike: Here are 13 pictures of soggy commuters and stationary Tube trains

Emma Haslett
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That empty feeling: Tube trains laid up during the Tube strike (Source: Getty)

London's Tube network may have ground to a halt during today's Tube strike, but the capital's commuters showed their stoical side, with millions heading to work despite the disruption (not to mention this morning's rain).

Transport for London (TfL) insisted this afternoon that 70 per cent of stations were open - but that didn't stop commuters stuck in queues for hours venting their spleens on Twitter.

Here's how the morning played out:

The morning of 2017's first Tube strike dawned, grey and drizzly

Millions of commuters were stranded as much of the Tube network shut down

TfL laid on extra buses to cope with the onslaught of fed-up Tube commuters

... and ever-patient TfL workers to help passengers on their way

But queues started to form

... and became worse...

... and worse

Meanwhile, Tube trains were laid up

... with hundreds of trains sitting in yards all over London

Many commuters pressed on on foot

Others took to two wheels

... as the pavements became increasingly crowded

Whatever their mode of transport, most commuters shared one experience: they all got wet

Good luck on your commute home, London...

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