In pictures: Bentley has just unveiled its macho Continental Supersports, the world's fastest four-seater

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Is this macho enough for you? (Source: Bentley)

If your kids' looks of terror during the school run aren't abject enough, here's a manly new way to put the fear of god into them: Bentley has just unveiled its fastest and most powerful production model - and it's a four-seater.

The decidedly macho Bentley Continental Supersports is the world's fastest four-seat car, it reckons. With a W12 engine (because its cylinders are arranged like a "W") and a top speed of 209mph it can go from 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds. And it's not light - it weighs in at 2.7 tonnes.

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The car features sculpted front and rear bumper designs, with gloss-black front wing vents and even gloss-black exhaust pipes. The convertible version features a drop top - and it comes with an in-seat neckwarmer, so you have no excuse not to cruise with the top down on crisp Autumn days.

Even the interior styling shouts speed, with red, cream and black quilted-leather seats which look suspiciously racer-ish, and chequered carbon-fibre fascia panels among the interior finishes available.

And if you're looking for a more "audible" experience? Go with the titanium exhaust, which Bentley reckons creates a "stirring" soundtrack.

"The Supersports name is legendary at Bentley," trilled Bentley boss Wolfgang Dürheimer.

"From the very first Supersports of the 1920s, to the Continental Supersports of 2009 – and now with the third iteration of this iconic model – it is a name which excites, impassions and thrills." Manly.

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