Newspapers still benefiting from Brexit bounce despite July circulation dip

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The biggest UK newspapers by circulation are the Sun and the Daily Mail (Source: Getty)

National newspapers appear to have maintained some momentum from their Brexit bounce.

The circulations of several paid-for newspapers jumped up in June, the month of the EU referendum.

The total circulations of the UK’s 19 paid-for national newspapers jumped 1.5 per cent from 12.34m in May to 12.52m in June, according to figures from ABC.

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And new figures for July, out today, show that newspapers, overall, have maintained some of the gains from June. The total average circulation of the 19 papers came in at 12.45m – down 0.7 per cent on June, but still up 0.8 per cent on May.

The Observer (down 5.4 per cent month-on-month to 193,953), Sunday Times (down 3.9 per cent to 775,188) and Guardian (down 3.1 per cent to 166,493) were the biggest fallers in July.

The biggest growers, meanwhile, were the i (up 1.1 per cent to 297,453), Daily Star (up 0.7 per cent to 516,856) and Sunday Express (up 0.4 per cent to 373,775).

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Vanessa Clifford, deputy chief executive of Newsworks, said: “The July ABC data shows that readers can fall in love with print again and that the previous month’s figures were more than a sales spike driven by the Brexit vote.

“Sometimes it takes a significant event to remind people of the role and importance of trusted brands for reliable news and informed opinion.”

Newspaper July average circulation Change on June Year-on-year change
The Sun 1,733,643 -1.24 -6.63
Daily Mail 1,551,430 0.2 -4.69
The Sun on Sunday 1,471,784 -0.5 -4.75
The Mail on Sunday 1,355,760 -0.4 -4.91
The Sunday Times 775,188 -3.87 1.53
Daily Mirror 773,190 0.32 -9.73
Sunday Mirror 694,597 -0.27 -14.57
Daily Star 516,856 0.66 25.53
The Daily Telegraph 488,436 -1.58 -0.21
The Times 450,910 0.39 14.18
Daily Express 422,440 0.33 -1.71
The Sunday Telegraph 378,603 -1.12 1.68
Sunday Express 373,775 0.41 -1.69
Daily Star - Sunday 335,412 -0.36 27.84
i 297,453 1.1 7.72
Sunday People 270,449 -0.94 -13.16
Financial Times 194,692 -2.34 -6.03
The Observer 193,953 -5.39 3
The Guardian 166,493 -3.05 -1.11

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