These are the world's most and least dangerous jobs (there's a good chance your career is pretty safe)

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Strangely, "skydiving dogwalker" wasn't included in the list (Source: Getty)

City A.M. has no doubt its readers are a thrill-seeking, adventurous bunch. At work, it seems they're rather more cautious - because it turns out financial sector roles are among the least dangerous jobs out there.

According to research by US jobs site, accountant/auditor is the world's safest job - although with an average salary of $67,190 (£51,878), it's far from the most lucrative "safe" job.

That accolade belongs to mathematician, the sixth-safest job and, with a salary of $111,100 (appropriately binary-looking), by far the most lucrative.

Other potentially financial sector roles included among the safest were actuary, with a salary of $97,070; computer systems analyst, at $85,800, and statistician, at $80,110.

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World's most dangerous jobs World's safest jobs
1. Construction labourer 1. Accountant/auditor
2. Correction officer 2. Actuary
3. Paramedic 3. Computer systems analyst
4. Farmer 4. Dietician
5. Firefighter 5. Interpreter/Translator
6. Nursing assistant 6. Mathematician
7. Police officer 7. Medical records technician
8. Taxi driver 8. Paralegal assistant
9. Truck driver 9. Statistician
10. Veterinarian 10. Web developer

Thinking of changing to something a little edgier? Be prepared to take a pay cut. The most dangerous job was construction labourer, which has an average salary of $30,890.

Correction officer - or prison officer in the UK - was a little more lucrative, with an average salary of $40,580.

But by far the most lucrative role on the danger list was veterinarian, with a salary of $88,490. That was followed by farmers, who can expect to make $64,170.

Interestingly, actuaries not only have incredibly safe jobs - but last year a ranking of 200 professions also suggested they have the best jobs, based on how well they pay, opportunities for advancement and the environment they work in.

Mathematicians and computer systems analysts also appeared in the top 10 - while newspaper reporter came at the bottom of the list. So if in doubt, get into the finance sector.