Brexit boost for lawyers and compliance experts as hiring jumps in June

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Work in law? There's a Brexit job with your name on it
Work in law? There's a Brexit job with your name on it (Source: Getty)

Legal-lovers and HR-hot shots are the latest winners from the UK's decision to breakaway from the European Union, a new survey of professional employment has found.

While various indicators of hiring-and-firing following the referendum have shown that unemployment is unlikely to surge over the following months, it is those with a Brexit-specific set of skills that could really benefit.

The association of professional staffing companies (Apsco) found vacancies for fixed-term "contract" hires for specialists in financial services and accounting roles popped by 26 per cent in the month of June alone as firms got their houses in order ahead of the In/Out referendum.

The big jump in the hiring of interim professionals was put down to the fact many firms in the professional, finance and legal world "benefit disproportionately from the UK's position within the single market", according to Ann Swain, chief executive of Apsco.

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She added: "It seems that professionals are being drafted in to manage the finer points of future regulation in Europe's financial hub."

The City was given another boost this morning with the launch of the first "masala bond" on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). India's top mortgage provider, the Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) has issued 30bn rupees (£340m) worth of rupee-denominated debt in London this morning, citing the City and LSE's "unshakeable" reputation among international investors.

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