Sorry, petitioners: Most Britons don't support the idea of a second EU membership referendum

Emma Haslett
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Protestors Attend Anti-Brexit Rallys Across The UK
Sorry, remainians: people don't love the idea of a second referendum (Source: Getty)

That petition for a second EU referendum may have passed the four million mark, but new research has suggested that the majority of Britons would rather not do it all again.

A poll by YouGov and Channel 5 found 58 per cent are against a second referendum on Britain's membership of the EU, while 31 per cent were in favour and 11 per cent weren't sure.

Some 91 per cent of Leave voters were against another referendum, as well as 29 per cent of Remain voters. Six per cent of Leave voters were in favour of a second referendum.

Meanwhile, 46 per cent of Labour voters were not in favour of a second vote, versus 44 per cent who were. Conservative voters were more clearly split, with 67 per cent saying there shouldn't be another vote, and 26 per cent saying there should be one.

Even in what YouGov calls "an extreme situation" - one where Scotland votes for independence - 51 per cent of people were still against a second referendum. Indeed, only 30 per cent of people supported a second referendum.

Which, considering JP Morgan reckons Scottish independence is a near-certainty, is good news: for some, the idea of another round of voting might be enough to send them over to Spain....

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