Lord Sugar slams Boris Johnson for "misleading" the British public "with lies"about Brexit

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The former Labour Party peer hits out at Leave campaigners (Source: Getty)

Lord Sugar has pointed a finger at Leave champions Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for "misleading" the British public "with lies" about benefits of Britain leaving the EU .

In a series of tweets, the Apprentice boss said that the "Leave fuelled by a festering sense of betrayal among legions of working class voters".

The former Labour Party peer who was appointed the government's new Enterprise Tsar in May, tweeted: "Majority of people who voted out were angry with current climate thought would be good to change."

Sugar went on to say that Sunderland, where 61 per cent voted to leave and 39 per cent voted to remain, would have voted differently if they were "advised of district possibility of Nissan closing factory".

In Thursday's referendum, Leave clinched victory by 52 per cent to 48 per cent. The turnout stood at 71 per cent, the highest UK-wide vote since the 1992 general election.

Over two million people have signed a petition for a second referendum. However, experts have branded the move a "waste of time".

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