Well-heeled Londoner loses £10,000 on bullish last-minute Euro 2016 bet

Edith Hancock
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A trader watches prices near the closing
It ain't over till full-time, bookies warn (Source: Getty)

This weekend's European Championships taught us a valuable lesson on bull markets.

Despite an admirable performance at the weekend, the England side failed to secure a win against Russia in the first round of the Euro 2016.

"We have to pick ourselves up again and go again," was the word from England's goal-scorer Eric Dier, who assured fans it was not inexperience that caused the Russian side to equalise at the last minute, but one high-flyer might want to pack in in already after losing £10,000 in a bullish bet on a victory for the Three Lions.

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Bookmakers at Ladbrokes tell The Capitalist that, certain the outlook was favourable for our team, one well-heeled Londoner tried to scoop what he believed would be a free £200 by betting on an English victory, whose odds stood at 1/50, in the last moments of Saturday's match.

As anyone glued to their TV on Saturday knows, the rest is history, as well as the gambler's £10,000.

A spokesperson adds smugly: "If ever there was proof that it ain't over till the fat lady sings."

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