Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson are Britain's worst dressed men, but which mayoral candidate would Brits take style advice from?

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The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3
The Capitalist doubts Corbyn cares where he ranked too much (Source: Getty)
hen all other political attacks fail, it never hurts to poke fun at whatever Jeremy Corbyn is wearing at PMQs.

There's a reason why: British men believe Jeremy Corbyn is the worst dressed public figure, according to a study from Harvey Nichols.

When it comes to style, men think Labour leader Corbyn is the least inspirational, followed by mayor Boris Johnson, comedian Russell Brand, tennis star Andy Murray and presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

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On the other hand, British women seem to think that the left-winger is the lesser of two evils in the House of Commons. Women believe Boris Johnson is the most poorly dressed man, with Russell Brand coming in second and Corbyn placing third.

When it comes to Corbyn's fashion faux pas, Brits just can't get over the socks-with-sandles look. Over half of British women believe wearing socks and sandals is the biggest style sin men make, with one third of men agreeing. Donning trousers that are too short and high waist trousers were voted by British men and women across the country as the next biggest style mistakes.

At the other end of the spectrum over a quarter of Brits – regardless of gender – believe that David Beckham is the best dressed man, with 49 per cent of respondents stating that he always gets it right for every occasion, from casual day wear to smarter evening looks.

Sadiq Khan may still be the bookies' favourite to take City Hall, but the results suggest that if the London mayoral election was based on who has the best style, Tory hopeful Zac Goldsmith would win the top spot come Friday.

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Goldsmith, who has been likened to everyone from Prince Charming to Jilly Cooper's Rupert Campbell-Black, was named one of Britain's best-dressed politicians, while Labour rival Sadiq Khan falls short behind UKIP leader Nigel Farage, chancellor George Osborne and even Corbyn in last place.

Astonishingly, PM David Cameron was voted Britain's best dressed politician, while Nigel Farage sometimes struggles with millennial life, the nation sees him as a modern style icon. Fashionable Brits were wooed by the UKIP leader's purple and yellow hues and placed him second after the Prime Minister.

Kate Nightingale at the London College of Fashion and fashion psychologist, said: "To be liked by the British public, those in the limelight need to express individuality whilst looking like they belong."

"Politicians struggle to strike this balance, which may be why they feature so prominently in the worst dressed lists; however, previous studies have shown that wearing tailor-made suits that fit well (as David Cameron does), strong colour contrasts between shirts and suits, and a warm tie (like Zac Goldsmith), portray a more trustworthy and successful image."

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