In honour of Prince, PwC's Andrew Sentance unearths his band Rock in the City's 2015 cover of Purple Rain

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10th Anniversary Essence Music Festival - Day 1
Prince died at the age of 57 last Thursday (Source: Getty)

The late and great 80s icon Prince may have been famous for his hit When Doves Cry, but one former hawk tells us he's devastated to lose one of his musical inspirations.

Regular readers may remember Andrew Sentance, PwC's music-loving senior adviser and an ex-hawk at the Bank of England, hung up his guitar for good last year after his Square Mile based band Rock in the City disbanded last year.

Before the band parted ways, The Capitalist reported that one of Rock in the City's last shows was at Sentance's own birthday party in the Essex countryside. Veterans of the financial district flocked to Hornchurch for the once in a lifetime gig, but little did they know they would be witnessing music history.

Sentance got back in touch with us this week to share rare video footage from the exclusive event, in which a very colourfully dressed troupe of economics aficionados perform a cover of Prince's Purple Rain.

Guitarist Sentance had the privilege of playing lead singer for the set, and did a fine job of the opening guitar riff.

Purple Rain is a particular favourite of Sentance's. He tells us that Prince's death "came as a shock to us all." For him and fellow band member and MBA tutor Peter Cook, the loss of the 80s icon feels quite close to home.

Sentance said: "Peter and I are currently the same age as Prince when he died, so we feel we are part of his musical generation."

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