Golfers are being asked to stake a stand on Brexit, with the promise of David Cameron or Boris Johnson's face on a golf ball

Edith Hancock
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Last year, golfers were given golf balls featuring Jeremy Corbyn

If the legal saga at Wentworth Golf Club has taught us anything, it's that City putters are highly skilled operators and know how to handle a campaign.

Knowing their clients all too well, one luxury travel firm is giving its clients free golf balls with David Cameron and Boris Johnson's face on them to find out whether they're voting In or Out in the EU referendum.

The rules are simple, if you're a Brexiter, you'll be sent golf balls adorned with Stronger Together's David Cameron, but want to stay in the European union, you'll get eurosceptic Boris Johnson's balls.

"All booking golf trips up to 30 May are receiving golf balls, which sport the face of the one they would most like to whack into a bunker or into the rough" is the word from Your Golf Travel chief exec Ross Marshall.

The firm is known for mixing politics with leisure. Last summer, a troupe of City boys out for the weekend with the company were handed golf balls with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's face emblazoned on them. The balls got a few laughs on first site, but many complained that they were uncooperative during the game and kept shanking to the left.

It looks like well-heeled golfers want to keep travel to Europe's finest courses cheap; out of the firm's 400,000 clients, just 3,957 said they'd like to whack PM David Cameron with a nine iron. Shockingly, only 15,849 have plumped for mayor Bojo.