Corbyn the Musical set to debut this week, in what could be the first musical written about an opposition leader

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Aspiring thespians are turning on the Left as Corbyn the Musical debuts next week.

In what may be the first musical written about a leader of the opposition, Corbyn the Musical: The Motorcycle Diaries is described as a "no-holds barred political satire" offering a view into the life of Jeremy Corbyn.

The all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza, which will hit the stage on Tuesday, sees the Labour leader face a nuclear crisis with Russia and features a European motorcycling holiday with Corbyn allegedly took with Diane Abbott.

The show comes at a time when Left-wing politicians have faced increasing scrutiny from the arts world. Next month will see the release of Brexit: The Movie, a eurosceptic film looking at Britain's departure from the EU directed by "Michael Moore of the Right" Martin Durkin.

Last year, the Waterloo Theatre, East where Myers' play will run next week, was the home of UKIP the Musical, a satirical take on the rise of party leader Nigel Farage.

Written by UK hacks Rupert Myers and Bobbie Friedman, Corbyn the Musical has proved hugely popular, with all 21 performances sold out.

Myers' intention to run the show was first announced back in January.

Speaking of his inspiration for the show in the Telegraph, Myers said: "He surprised everyone with his ascent from irrelevant backbench MP to untouchable Labour leader. "

"Overnight, Corbyn morphed from whinging little Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader, the old one who seems all-powerful but eventually ends up losing it for his team in spectacular fashion."

Fearing a backlash from Corbyn's loyal fans and supporters within the Labour party, Myers adds that the show takes aim at a wide range of politicians including Boris Johnson, Tony Blair and Ed Miliband.

A number of politicians and journalists will be making cameos in the production throughout the month. Original music for the musical is being written by Jen Green.

The musical also examines stories of the party leader's love life, and charts an alleged fling with shadow secretary of state Diane Abbot. The pair are said to have gone on a motorcycling holiday across east Germany in the 1970s following Corbyn's split from his first wife Jane Chapman.

Myers added: "come for the subtle analysis of Corbyn’s worldview, stay for the kind exploration of the man’s excruciatingly awkward sexual awakening."

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