UK pet shop chain Pet Corner has stopped selling pet rabbits until after Easter

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Rommerz Rabbit Hopping Competition
Rabbits need a lot more exercise than you think... (Source: Getty)

Ear's a good one: a rabbit is for life, not just for Easter.

With Easter just around the corner, some of us may be considering getting a cuddly (and lower-calorie) alternative to the usual chocolate eggs, but one pet retailer wants to stop originality in its tracks - and has banned all sales of pet rabbits until after the holidays.

Pets Corner, a UK-based pet chain, has launched a campaign called "Bunnies aren't for Easter", urging those looking for a new rabbit to hold off until April - in a bid to stop customers hopping back to the pet shop to return it.

The pet chain claims customers are buying bunnies on impulse, without thinking about important things like food, space to roam and neutering.

According to one rabbit re-homing charity, the average bunny can cost between £20 and £60. On top of that, neutering costs upwards of £45 - and when you include food, bedding and a hutch, keeping a rabbit can cost over £500 a year.

Pet Corner's head of training, Lucy Ross, said: "As rabbits have a life expectancy of up to 15 years, owning one is a long-term commitment and should be considered very carefully."

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