Wentworth Golf Club threatens Russian mining boss with legal action for claiming that new fees could break FCA regulations

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Wentworth Golf Course Aerial Shoot
The conversation on the course must be frosty (Source: Getty)

As a legal row over the golf club’s £100,000 joining fee rages on, Wentworth’s boss is starting to fall out with key figures on the estate.

Wentworth has sent a letter threatening legal action against its own tennis captain, after he suggested in a a separate missive that the proposed new membership costs breach regulations set by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Kirill Klip, the Russian-born chair of mining firm TNR Gold, has been called up to the club for a dressing down over his conduct “with particular reference to [Klip’s] contravention of the club’s rules and bye-laws regarding behaviour".

Klip told The Capitalist that Stephen Gibson, the golf club’s CEO, was using “bullying tactics” against him.

The telling off is surely heartbreaking for both bosses. Only last month Gibson told The Capitalist that he had a “very good” relationship with Klip, and was due to chat to him later that day. What went wrong?

Klip said: “I’m totally shocked and appalled that the CEO has resorted to these bullying tactics. Everything was always civil between us, but after this aggressive legal letter I feel harassed.

“We have lawyers, executives and other seasoned professionals fighting against these unacceptable changes.”

A spokesperson for the golf club told City A.M.: “It is a private matter between Wentworth Club and the member involved. As a result, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

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