Gym-goers get geeky as analytical Brits shell out £165 a year on fitness technology

Edith Hancock
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Wearable fitness tech is so hot right now (Source: Getty)

There's a new must-have accessory in the City - fitness gadgets.

More than half of the British public now own some kind of wearable fitness gadgetry, and are spending hundreds of pounds a year to follow their calorie intake, macronutrients and weight gain, according to new research.

The data shows gym geeks are also looking beyond traditional measures of health such as calorie counting, taking a more scientific approach to their diet and exercise routine.

Around one third of those asked claimed to understand what macronutrients are, while over 20 per cent could correctly identify what branch-chain amino acids were, according to supplements firm Adapt Nutrition.

Fitness bands topped the list of the most popular health-focussed technology, with almost half of Brits owning one, while over a third of us now use dieting apps to watch our daily intake.

Body conscious Brits confessed to having spent an average of £167 on health and fitness technology in the last 12 months.

Adam Dickinson at Adapt Nutrition said: “We’re seeing a trend emerging among British gym goers, as many are embracing modern technology and factoring in science to enhance their workouts and take their training regimes to the next level.

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