From Google's tax row and the Black Cabs vs Uber to Storm Imogen and the bank bloodbath: Here's what got us talking this week

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We saw what London would look like if all the skyscrapers being considered got built. A Shoreditch development is bringing history to centre Stage. And we learned how much the Night Tube delay has hurt house prices in central London.

Here's what got us talking this week

The banking sector is facing its toughest period since the financial crisis (Source: Getty)

1) Banking bloodbath

It was certainly a challenging week for banks throughout the world, with the likes of Deustche Bank under pressure, despite reassurances that it was "rock solid". The German lender did end the week in a happier place after committing to buying back $5bn bonds but there is a bigger issue at stake: it's the liquidity, stupid.

2) Black Cabs vs Tfl and Uber

Yet another protest brought London's streets to a standstill over TfL's regulation of the likes of Uber. It came just after Uber offered an olive branch. They're unlikely to become friends anytime soon, but the taxi app firm insists the two can at least co-exist.

3) Storm Imogen blew up

London had its fair share of rough winds this week, causing chaos when part of the roof of London Bridge was blown off and commuter misery across the board. It's no wonder it's more difficult to concentrate in winter. And with flooding alerts made about the weekend, the storm could still be making her presence felt.

4) Love was in the air

Whether it was falling in love with a house (and paying all the more for it) or finding the cheapest and most boring gifts, there was no getting away from V-Day. But it's not all plain sailing. Chocolate prices are soaring and then of course there's the thorny issue of office romance.

5) Bowling a Google-y

Public trust in multinationals may be at an all-time high but Google's appearance in front of MPs this week didn't see the tech giant backing off - and supporters also became pretty vocal - though there were plenty who disagreed.

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