Scottish National Party looks unstoppable as Holyrood elections loom, with poll predicting more than 30 per cent lead

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SNP Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3
The poll found Sturgeon is the most popular politician in Scotland (Source: Getty)

If it can keep the momentum going, the Scottish National Party is set to dominate at the Scottish parliamentary elections this summer, according to a new poll.

The Survation poll indicates 52 per cent of Scots would vote for the SNP, while Labour languishes behind with just 21 per cent of support.

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The poll, of 1,029 Scottish adults aged 16 and over, also gave the Conservative party 16 per cent of support, while seven per cent of Scots said they would vote for the Liberal Democrats.

The figures indicated that the SNP will secure 70 MSPs, one more than it won in 2011 under Alex Salmond, a victory that was itself deemed a dramatic success for the party.

The poll also found 65 per cent of Scots want to remain in the European Union, against 35 per cent who want to leave, ahead of the upcoming In/Out referendum.

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That in itself could raise the prospect of a second Scottish independence referendum, as Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon is on record stating that in the event the UK votes to exit the EU but Scotland votes to remain in the EU, a second referendum could be triggered.

The poll also found Sturgeon is the most popular politician in Scotland.

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