Mapped: What Londoners order the most according to the borough they live in

Edith Hancock
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Some results may surprise you, but some may not...

Londoners have proven to be pretty stereotypical when it comes to what they shop for online. Unless you live in Croydon, of course...

After analysing sales data and quizzing London consumers on their purchases this year, up-market concierge app Henchman has found out what people are requesting most across the capital.

Some of the results are fairly unsurprising. In Westminster, steak cooked to order is the most popular (well, what else do politicians eat?). In Tower Hamlets, where Tech-city and Canary Wharf dominate the consumer market, it’s all about smartphones, laptops and late night takeaways.

South of the river, things are a bit more, er, eclectic. While in Lambeth, home to much of London’s political class and MI6, make-up and cosmetics are the most ordered, in neighbouring Croydon, sex-toys came out on top. Well, it is Croydon.

Diplomatic as ever, a spokesperson for Henchman described Croydon’s preferences as “quirky”. I’ll say.

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