Financial workers are the most likely to miss the last train after the office Christmas party

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City slickers are at high risk of being stranded in the Square Mile after a night out (Source: Getty)

It's no secret that the City’s high-flyers are not the best at day-to-day life admin, but it would appear that as soon as a drink touches a financier’s lips all ability to take any mode of transport evaporates.

Recent research has revealed that City workers and those in finance are the absolute worst for missing the last train after the office Christmas party.

The survey from the National Accident Helpline revealed that 15 per cent of financial workers have missed the last train post-dinner, far above the national average of just four per cent.

This doesn’t sound surprising, given the reputation many bosses have for being reckless when it comes to sticking to a planned journey. Back in September, luxury travel agency Your Golf Travel took 300 City boys and girls to the Portugal Masters, ending in an extremely boozy night out with at least 1,000 pints of Guinness being pulled. So messy was the do that 41 clients missed their flights home on Monday morning.

Still, some industry leaders aren’t so bad. In fact, Richard Branson famously created Virgin Airlines on the spot after an important flight he was very prepared for was cancelled. Branson claims that there was “a beautiful woman waiting for me” in the British Virgin Islands where he was due to holiday before the flight was cancelled, and so instead of cutting his losses and pining for the girl from afar he rented a private jet, rounded up the other passengers and charged everyone $39 for the trip.

That’s the spirit!

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