Christmas adverts 2015: New John Lewis Man on the Moon advert released as part of Age UK campaign

City A.M. Reporter
Age UK/John Lewis Man on the Moon advert
The man is left on set on his own (Source: Age UK/John Lewis)

John Lewis has allowed another organisation to use its Christmas advert for the first time as part of the next stage of its campaign with Age UK.

Behind-the-scenes footage from the Man in the Moon film has been used for a new advert aimed at encouraging viewers to donate to the charity and help older people during the festive period.

In the newly-released ad, Dame Helen Mirren narrates as viewers see the old man who was the star of the original advert alone on the set.

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The same soundtrack from the main commercial, Oasis' Half the World Away sung by Aurora, plays in the background as the camera pans back to reveal the outer areas of the set, where crew are situated.

A voice is then heard saying "OK, everyone that's a wrap. Let's go home." The footage finishes with the old man sitting on the set on his own as a door slams, followed by a message saying "Show someone they are loved this Christmas" and an invitation to donate.

The latest film was created by Miles Carter and Sophie Knox and directed by Kim Gehrig via Somesuch.

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