Halloween costume ideas UK 2015: Walking Dead inspires zombie (costume) invasion as 84 fancy dress outfits bought every hour in run up to 31 October

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A Halloween horror show inspired by Zombies
A Halloween horror show inspired by Zombies (Source: AMC)

Everyone's favourite zombie television show the Walking Dead is apparently the inspiration for Halloween this year.

The zombie costume has invaded, selling at a rate of 2,000 a day, or 84 each and every hour, in the run up to Saturday's celebrations.

Outfits for prom queen zombies, sailor zombies and nurse zombies are popular choices according to eBay, which has been selling 16,000 costumes a day in the lead up to All Hallows' Eve

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Fellow undead, Vampires, are the UK's second favourite choice for fancy dress, with 45 sold every hour over the last two weeks, while witches clowns and ghosts are flying off the virtual shelves.

The UK's favourite Halloween costumes

1. Zombie (84 each hour)

2. Vampire  (45 each hour)

3. Witch  (30 each hour)

4. Clown  (25 each hour)

5. Ghost  (20 each hour)

While traditional dress up is all the rage here, across the pond it's just an excuse to don any old costume just for the hell of it, with the most popular options largely unrelated to ghosts and ghouls.

But, entertainment remains the inspiration, with character in soon to be released film Suicide Squad Harley Quinn the costume of choice in the US based on Google search data. Star Wars characters, superheros and pirates are also top choices.

The US's favourite Halloween costumes

1. Harley Quinn

2. Star Wars

3. Superhero

4. Pirate

5. Batman

6. Minnie Mouse

7. Witch

8. Minions

9. Joker

10. Wonder Woman

It's not just costumes being snapped up either. Three million pumpkins and 200,000 pairs of glow in the dark fangs are expected to fly off the shelves at Tesco. The supermarket said it expects people to go big on Halloween this year since it falls on a Saturday. It also expects shoppers to snap up 170,000 tubes of fake blood, the same number of witch hats, and 150,000 brooms to fly off the shelves.

Retailers are in line to cash in on the night to the tune of £400m.

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