UK house prices: This chart shows the hourly rate at which property values are rising

Caitlin Morrison
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Everyone knows house prices have been rocketing in London in recent years - and they were up by nearly 10 per cent this month compared to October 2014.

Now research from NLP Insights reveals that homes in the capital have been increasing in value by a whopping £3.48 per hour in the last year.

This is well above the rate of growth in the South East, where homes have increased in price by £2.05 per hour, and 116 times more than in the North West, where homes have been gaining by £0.03 each hour.

The data will come as no surprise to Londoners who have grown used to the seemingly unstoppable rise in house prices. New research from Hamptons claims that homes in England and Wales are at their most affordable in 13 years - except in London.