EU referendum: Bank of England governor Mark Carney poised to make Brexit intervention

Chris Papadopoullos
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Mark Carney's comments on the Scottish Independence referendum packed a punch (Source: Getty)

Bank of England governor Mark Carney could make a major intervention in the Brexit debate tomorrow when the Bank publishes its view on the impact of a British exit from the EU.

In the run up to last year’s vote on Scottish Independence BoE governor Mark Carney dealt a blow to separatists when he said that if Scotland were to keep the pound it would need to give up some power to avoid the problems faced by the Eurozone.

Former chancellor Alistair Daring, who headed the Better Together campaign, described Carney’s statements on Scottish Independence as “devastating” to independence supporters.

The Bank's report, which was written by a team of Bank staff led by deputy governor Jon Cunliffe, is released on the same day Carney is giving a speech in Oxford. It will outline how the Bank believes it will be impacted in its ability to steer the economy and manage the stability of the financial sector.

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