Britons in favour of nuclear power - as long as it's nowhere near their homes

Clara Guibourg
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Nuclear power plant
44 per cent said they'd protest a nuclear waste facility near their home (Source: Getty)

Most Britons support nuclear power, a new study has found - as long as it isn’t anywhere near their homes.

A poll by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers found 56 per cent were in favour of the UK continuing to use nuclear power. Of those in favour, four out of five supported nuclear power because they believed it to be necessary for the country’s power supply. Others said it would provide jobs and boost the economy.

However there’s a strong feeling of nimbyism over nuclear power: nobody wants to live near a plant - and fewer still by a nuclear waste facility.

Nearly half, or 44 per cent, of those polled said they’d protest if a waste facility was planned within 10 miles of their home.

Jenifer Baxter, head of energy and environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said this showed what a strong barrier nimby activists could play:

Government and industry must ensure they implement good community liaison and communication programmes to raise awareness of the benefits for the local community, as well as the efforts being made to mitigate the long term environmental impacts and safety concerns.

This study is good news for supporters of the Hinkley Point project.

The UK’s first nuclear power plant for 20 years has been beset by delays, but last month chancellor George Osborne said the UK will guarantee a £2bn deal for China to invest in the nuclear power plant.

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