Which world tourist attraction has the longest queue?

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St. Paul's Cathedral has a waiting time of an hour (Source: Getty)

Across the world wonders including Eiffel Tower, Sistine Chapel and the Metropolitan Art Museum are open to curious travellers. But with holidays never seeming long enough, there's an additional cost to viewing these attractions: the waiting time.

Just which global attraction would you have to wait the longest for, though? Get Your Guide, a travel guide, has collated the information and found which sites you would have to spend the longest time in line to see.

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Rome appears to be the city where people are willing to wait the longest amount of time to see the sites, spending up to 7.5 hours during their visit seeing just four sites.

Paris, London and Amsterdam aren't much better, though, with visitors spending five hours in line to see just three attractions.

The accolade for the site that attracts the most visitors goes to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica in Montmartre, Paris, pulling in 10.5m people a year.

London's top attraction is the London Eye, which has 4m people a year visiting it.

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So now when you're deciding your holiday desination, you'll know how patient you'll have to be. Alternatively, you could just find some Chiante and look at St Peter's Basilica from afar.

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