Football League says average ticket price is just £14 as fans plan protest for £20 away ticket cap

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Many fans of football league clubs are protesting against ticket prices this weekend (Source: Getty)

The Football League claims that on average it only cost £14 to buy a ticket across its three divisions last season.

It released the findings ahead of a fans' protest against ticket prices planned for this weekend.

The average admission price for a Championship game was £15.7, while in League 1 and League 2 it was £11.7 and £11.6 respectively.

Football League chief Shaun Harvey said that the figures showed clubs "continue to offer value for money to their supporters".

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He argued:

Ticket pricing will always be an emotive subject and any debate about whether fans are getting a good deal clearly has to take account of what fans are paying across the board rather than purely focusing on selected prices that they could be asked to pay in certain circumstances.

The Football League analysed official gate statements provided by clubs including season tickets, corporate hospitality and concessionary prices.

However, many fans of Football League clubs are disgruntled at what they see to be the increasingly unaffordable cost of attending football.

Fans of Football League clubs such as Brentford and Charlton will join supporters of Arsenal and Chelsea and other Premier League teams in staging protests at games this weekend calling for a £20 limit on tickets for away fans.

FSF chief executive Kevin Miles said: "Over the past 25 years money has flowed into football enriching players, owners, executives and agents - it's about time fans saw some of the benefits too. Nine out of 10 fans feel that football is too expensive but fans' loyalty and commitment to their clubs is being exploited."

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