Greek election September 2015: Alexis Tsipras seeks re-election as Greece votes for third time this year

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Voting has begun in Greece's national election (Source: Getty)

For the third time this year, Greeks are heading to the polls.

Millions have begun voting in Greece's General Election, in which Alexis Tsipras is seeking re-election after resigning as leader of the country last month.

Tsipras is seeking a new mandate from the people for austerity measures imposed as a result of the Syriza leader securing new bailout funds from Europe after protracted negotiations.

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The anti-austerity leftist Syriza party is being given a run for its money by the conservative New Democracy party, led by Vangelis Meimarakis, with pre-election polls placing the two unexpectedly almost neck and neck.

Voting opened at 4am (GMT) and will close at 4pm with the first results expected as early as 6pm.

Greece elected Syriza into power in January, just two seats short of a majority and replacing New Democracy. After a summer of back and forth with Europe over the country's bailout, a second vote was held, asking the Greek people whether they accepted the conditions of an agreement, to which the response was a "no" vote.

Tsipras was forced to agree to the conditions in order to stop the country exiting the Eurozone, and promptly resigned, saying the Greek people needed to "decide anew".

The majority of polls put Syriza just inches ahead of New Democracy, 32 per cent to 31 per cent.

Syriza is unlikely to gain a majority and will have to form a coalition with other smaller parties, as it did in January, if it were to triumph today.

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