Crystal Knows will let you read colleagues' minds

Jessica Morris
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Crystal Knows crunches a person's online presence (Source: Getty)

This app takes LinkedIn stalking to a whole new level.

Crystal Knows builds a profile for anyone who has a LinkedIn account, and claims to give a low-down on how to speak, email and work with a colleague, business partner or potential client depending on how they approach social media.

The eerily accurate tool scrapes the internet for a public Facebook, blog posts, tweets and any other bits of information that make up our online footprint.

Crystal can tell you how someone feels about the use of emojis, whether or not to make a joke, and will even draft an email it thinks they'd like to receive.

"We use natural language processing to create unique personality profiles for individuals with an online presence," its website claims.

"Our first product is a Gmail tool that helps you send more effective emails, delivering a well-crafted message that is tailored to the individual’s personality. Our goal is to eradicate canned, impersonal work communication both internally and externally."

So is Crystal right about you? Find out here.

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