Top charity bosses back "strengthened" fundraising rules

Jessica Morris
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Charities are facing increased scrutiny over their fundraising practices (Source: Getty)

The bosses of some of the UK’s most well known charities have voiced support for tougher rules that will help stop vulnerable donors being exploited.

They backed the creation of a new regulatory body able to "impose strong penalties" on any charity that breaks the rules on fundraising, alongside a strengthened Code of Fundraising Practice.

The 17 chief execs came from organisations such as Cancer Research, Macmillan as well as the NSPCC and Save the Children.

"We know that there have been times where fundraising practice has failed to live up to these high standards. We are determined to change that," they wrote in a letter in the Sunday Times.

"No one should ever feel pressured into giving. The vulnerable should always receive the strongest protection. And we need to act quickly and decisively when any fundraising practice is found wanting."

The letter comes at a time when charities are facing increased scrutiny over their fundraising practices.

Charity bosses will be questioned by MPs over how charities use call centres to raise funds on Tuesday. And separately, Sir Stuart Etherington, chief exec of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, is conducting a review of the self-regulation of charity fundraising.

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