Britons lost 22 hours to hangovers this summer as record-high temperatures had us hitting the booze

Clara Guibourg
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The average hangover lasts 6.5 hours (Source: Getty)

Summer heat may have us hitting the beach in droves - but also hitting the bar. Although August has been damper than many would’ve liked, the mercury hit record highs in early July had us celebrating with quite a few refreshing pints or chilled glasses of white.

This isn’t without consequences however, as a new survey from Cancer Research UK’s Dryathlon campaign showed that Britons have lost an average of 22 hours per person to hangovers.

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One in four admitted to having missed out on going outside to enjoy good weather at the mercy of the after-effect of hours spent boozing. Worse, perhaps, is that almost as many, 23 per cent, admit that they’d cancelled plans with family or friends nursing a nasty hangover.

Our suffering lasts an average of 6.5 hours - although for one in eight, the latest night out left them feeling under the weather for a full 12 hours the next day.

Anthony Newman, marketing director at Cancer Research UK said the hot weather was a likely culprit, as almost half of young Britons say they tend to drink more in the summer months:

We’ve seen some record temperatures this summer, but with great weather has come the pull of the beer garden, festivals and parties – all of which often go in hand-in-hand with having a few too many.

If a hangover has stopped you enjoying a day out in the sun, or meeting your friends, don’t feel bad. It could be worse, as the 279,000 Britons who’ve reported they’d missed a flight because of a hangover are sure to agree.

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