Stamps, coins and cars are the best investment for wise collectors

Edith Hancock
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The wise investor collects stamps in their spare time (Source: Getty)
While brokers across the world have presumably been curled up in the foetal position for the last 48 hours following the Chinese stock market crash, ancient British private wealth bank Coutts has been busy researching where we should invest our money next for safe keeping.
The answer? Classic cars, stamps and fine wine.
It seems that the smart money is on classic cars; the perfect answer to any mid-life crisis. Vintage Jags, Aston Martins and Rollers increased in value by 40 per cent during 2014, and have nearly quadrupled in value in 10 years.
Meanwhile, collectables like coins and stamps have weathered the storm in global markets over the last decade, being the only assets that have seen consecutive growth over nine years.
Mohammad Syed, head of financial advice and investment solutions at Coutts, said: “Passion assets maintain their appeal. Aside from the returns, these assets can bring a sense of excitement and the thrill of acquisition is a clear motivation for lots of collectors.”
Sadly, it looks like China just can’t catch a break these days, as traditional Chinese artworks suffered a 13 per cent blow to their asset value last year. Bad luck!

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