Greek debt crisis: German lawmakers vote yes to bailout deal

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The vote passed with a majority of 454 MPs in favour (Source: Getty)

After German lawmakers were recalled early from their holidays (sun in Greece, perhaps?), the Bundestag has voted in favour of a third Greek bailout deal worth €86bn (£61bn).

The vote passed with a majority of 454 in favour, 113 against and 18 abstentions.

Ahead of the vote, German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble, who has taken a tough line with Greece in the talks, said to lawmakers:

There is no guarantee that all of this will work and there can always be doubts. But considering the fact that the Greek parliament already approved most of the measures, it would be irresponsible not to seize this chance for a new beginning in Greece.

Last month, many CDU politicians refused to even support starting negotiations. The vote, however, passed with fewer against a bailout than last month, when 119 German MPs voted to not even enter talks with Greece on a third bailout.

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Eurozone finance ministers will be holding a conference call at approximately 7pm tonight to finalise the Greek bailout deal.

On Tuesday, Austrian, Estonian and Spanish parliaments backed the bailout. The Dutch parliament votes today.

The International Monetary Fund will not make a commitment until Greece’s progress is assessed in October.

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