New peer-to-peer payment app Square Cash lets you transfer money to your friends using Apple Watch

Clara Guibourg
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"How much do I owe you?" (Source: Getty)

Next time you’re splitting a restaurant bill or paying your mate back for a shared Uber ride, there’s no need to reach for your wallet to pay anything. Or even reach for your phone, for that matter.

You can now send your friends money directly from your wrist, as new peer-to-peer payment app Square Cash is the first to make money transfers through an Apple Watch possible.

The app is hoping to attract attention of both individuals and small businesses:

Quickly exchange money with friends, or get paid for your business. No “cashing out” – money deposits directly to your bank account.

Just enter the sum you want to send your friend by tapping on an interface that lets you transfer money by clicking on virtual heaps of money in denominations from $1, $10, $20, $50 or $100.

You can also send money to people in your vicinity using only Bluetooth.

The app already had an iOS and Android version which enabled iPhone and Android users to make these transactions with their phones, but in its latest version is moving onto wearables as well.

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