How the UK's population growth compares to the rest of the world - in four charts

Clara Guibourg
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The UK is set to become the biggest country in Europe (Source: Getty)

We’ll be a snug 11.2bn inhabitants on the planet before the century is out, according to the UN’s latest population forecasts. But where are populations growing fastest - and how does the UK measure up?

1. Planet Earth is growing at twice the rate of the UK

The world’s population growth has slowed, but not as much as the UK’s.

Although we will see the country’s population rise from today’s 64.1m to just over 82m before the end of the century, in the same time, the world’s population will have risen to 11.2bn, from the 7.2bn people alive today.

2. ...but the UK is about to become the biggest country in Europe

Western Europe’s population is forecast to stagnate completely - and out of the five largest countries by population size, only the UK and France are set to continue growing. This means the UK is going to overtake Germany sometime around 2050.

3. Four out of five people will be living in Africa or Asia by 2100

Some 83 per cent of humans alive in 2100 will be living in either of these two continents.

4. ... and Africa is growing fastest

While Europe's population is starting to shrink, Oceania and Africa are growing quickly. More than half of global population growth over the next century will occur in Africa.

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