Greek bailout crowdfunding campaign: Seven amazing numbers about the Indiegogo campaign to save Greece

Lynsey Barber
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A campaign by one Londoner to crowdfund a bailout for Greece, first reported by City A.M on Monday, set the internet alight this week as the country teeters dangerously close to an exit from the Eurozone.

The scheme to raise the cash needed to prevent Greece defaulting on its debts has gained astonishing attention - now Indiegogo, the platform used to raise the bailout fund, has shared some numbers which show just how much it has captured people's imaginations.

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The UK has pledged the most to the campaign: Brit funders will hand over the cash if it successfully reaches its total target of €1.6bn by Sunday, on the day Greece holds its referendum.

Surprisingly, the Germans were the second most generous - despite Chancellor Angela Merkel being a little less generous in deal negotiations.

Check out the seven amazing stats from just three days of crowdfunding.

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