Trafalgar Square rally to call for Greek debts to be wiped

Catherine Neilan
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The anti-austerity rally today will be one of many taking place around Europe this week, including Athens (Source: Getty)
Fresh from holding its anti-austerity march on Saturday the People's Assembly is planning another rally – this time calling for Greece's debt to be wiped.
The group, which is calling on Londoners to sign a Europe-wide petition to cancel the debt owed by Greece, is organising a rally today (June 23) in Trafalagar Square.
As part of an international week of action attendees are being asked to join the demo from 6:30pm for London to “add its voice to the call for a just agreement with Greece”. In total 42 groups across 14 countries in Europe are calling for the country's debt to be cleared.
“The Greek people are being held to ransom by international creditors for an enormous and unpayable debt that they don’t owe and can’t pay,” the group said.
It blames “irresponsible European banks, the borrowing of the corrupt Greek elite and a global network of tax havens allowing money to flow out of the country”.
“The austerity ‘medicine’ prescribed by its creditors has devastated the Greek economy and society, driving millions more into poverty and cutting access to essential services like basic healthcare,” it added.
“A big show of support from citizens across Europe will help Greece resist the growing pressure to submit to more punishing bail-out conditions and stand strong in its demands for debt justice.”
Yesterday Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tspiras submitted a series of proposals that were seen as a breakthrough driving stocks in Athens up as much as nine per cent while stock markets in the rest of Europe also soared amid what was widely seen as a positive response.

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