Most women in finance don't think they'll ever get the top jobs, report shows

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Women were most likely to consider a career in asset management (Source: Getty)

Most women working in finance believe they won't make it to a senior position, according to a report by PwC.

It claims there is a “perceived lack of career progression” among women, and this is preventing them from trying to rise the ranks.
By asking 8,000 women across the world about their views on the sector, “limited opportunities for career progression” came out as the number one reason for women aged 20 to 35 leaving their jobs in it. Meanwhile, two thirds said they didn't believe they would be able to reach the top, compared to three in 10 men holding the same view about themselves.
The least popular sector for women to enter was insurance, while asset management, which has more senior female role models, attracted the most women.
Having access to coaching was an important factor for them in deciding who to work for, and they also looked more favourably on firms with a strong equality policy.
Jon Terry, head of HR at PwC, said:
These women are ambitious and looking to progress and if these expectations aren’t met women will simply be put off joining or will vote with their feet and leave. Within this highly networked generation, poor perceptions of current staff can quickly spread and discourage potential recruits.
Having visible female role models at all levels of an organisation will be an important step to show employees and potential employees that leadership positions are achievable for all.


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