The General Election fight, Mayweather Vs Pacquiao fight, s**t trains and marathons: What got us talking this week

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Everyone's squaring up this week (Source: Getty)

This was the week when everyone became completely pumped about the General Election. No? Well, David Cameron did, anyway, so we were told.

The entire political establishment (and even self-styled revolutionaries) really ramped things up in the vote-hunting stakes as the parties square up.

Anyone would think there was an election next week.

Skip your eyeballs straight to number two if you've had enough of politics already.

1. Deal or no deal?

Miliband said “no deal” to the SNP, Sturgeon said “deal”. Miliband again said “no deal”. Burnham said “deal”. Sturgeon again said "deal".

Odds of a Labour-SNP coalition have shortened.

You can still just skip to number two.

In other camps, Cameron was spinning out of control as it turned out a letter of backing from small businesses wasn't all it seemed. And with the finish line in sight, it turned out economic growth stalled, landing a pre-election blow to Osborne and Co'.

After the last leaders' "debate", where each leader took turns to answer questions from the audience in the style of BBC's Question Time, polling put the Conservatives ahead.

Cam also picked up backing from the Sun, the Economist and former Nooo Yawk mayor Michael Bloomberg, so it wasn't all bad.

Even "don't vote" Russell Brand jumped into the fray, interviewing a surprisingly cockney sounding Miliband. Cameron said he thinks Brand's a bit of a joke.

In other lols, thieves accidently drove off with 200,000 ballot papers when they stole a van.

Meanwhile, Farage could lose South Thanet, while we all wished each other a happy #EdBalls day.

And, here's the election outcome data guru Nate Silver predicts (bring a towel, it's going to get messy).

2. Marathon runners were faster than trains

No sooner had the boss of TfL apologised for calling train routes into London "s**t", train routes into London did indeed turn out to be s**t.

It all went a bit wrong over at Clapham yesterday, leaving some passengers stranded for five, yes five, hours.

No wonder then that Network Rail's top brass choose plane over train and why every single commuter was nodding in agreement at news that commuting in London is more stressful than moving house. We knew it. But it's nice to have it confirmed.

As it turns out then, it was quicker to run a marathon than it was for some people to get to work.

These lot were the fastest marathon runners in the City. Think you could beat Bank of England guv' Mark Carney? Check out how you'd stack up against his really quite impressive time.

Anyone fancying a challenge (other than the commute) should check out these six runs if the London Marathon just isn't enough. Siberian Ice Marathon anyone?

There's one City worker who won't be running anywhere any time soon unless he coughs up £5m bail. The boss of Sainsbury's also got on the wrong side of the law in Egypt.

3. Age ain't nothing but a number

Computers told us some cool things about age this week.

Now we know when musical middle age is and the age when a musical mid-life crisis will hit. That's the time you'll start listening to Taylor Swift.

Other intelligent robot-like computers can now also guess our age with just a photo - or they can try, at least.

Microsoft's facial recognition software guessed the ages of some top business chiefs and politicians. It was hit and miss, let's say. Politics and leading a business has taken its toll on some. Others, not so much.

Meanwhile, anyone in their fifties is more likely to feel like their career has stalled, according to science.

4. Fiiiiiiiight!

No, not the election again.

The bank holiday weekend brings with it the biggest boxing fight of the century: Mayweather Vs Pacquiao.

You'll have to wait and see how they square up in the ring but here's how they stack up when it comes to the battle of the mega-riches.

How lucrative is boxing exactly? Well here's how those mega-riches stack up against other industries. Ever wondered who earns more, Floyd Mayweather or Martin Sorrell? Now you know (and the result may surprise you).

Here are the numbers behind why it's the most expensive fight in history.

5. The most important thing you need to know about writing a CV

The one font you should never use on a CV if you're thinking of making a move. Who knew? (Not us).

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