Games of drones intensifies as Hailo founder Jay Bregman raises more funds for Verifly venture

Michael Bow
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Jay Bregman co-founded Hailo in 2011 (Source: Getty)
The man behind taxi hailing app Hailo has raised £1.4m from a clutch of investors to fund a new venture developing a system to register unmanned drone flights, making them safer to be in the air.

Jay Bregman, who co-founded Hailo in 2011 in London before leaving the group late last year, has been backed by groups including Irelandia Aviation, Accelerator Group, Prospect Insurance and Graph Ventures to grow the company, called Verifly.

Irelandia Aviation is best known for co-founding Ryanair while serial British entrepreneur and Index Ventures partner Robin Klein is the man behind the The Accelerator Group.

Verifly offers verification systems for drones which help drone-operators comply with national flight regulations and other restrictions, making them less likely to crash into other drones.

Drones have been singled out as one piece of technology set to enjoy a boom in the decades ahead, as e-commerce companies such as Amazon attempt to add further automation and speed to their delivery services.

Verifly has been co-founded by Bregman and Eugene Hertz, who sold his business to Amazon in 2010 for $540m.

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