As Cameron and Miliband prepare for final face-off check out PMQs Top Trumps

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A long five years at the dispatch box (Source: Getty)

David Cameron and Ed Miliband will clash at Prime Minister's Questions today for the last time before the General Election.

The two men have spent close to five years duelling in the House of Commons, attempting to catch a spot on the six o'clock news with a withering put-down or witty comeback.

Both men have on occasion made the week's political weather with a good performance, verbally crushing their opposite number. More often than not, though, Miliband and Cameron have had a host of draws, achieving little more than raising public support for scrapping the weekly ritual all together.

But before they face off for possibly the last time, let's look back at some of best clashes between the Labour and Tory leaders.

Child of Thatcher vs Son of Brown (05.38)

Back in 2010, while Ed Miliband was still adjusting to his role as leader of the opposition, an attack using remarks made by William Hague went horribly wrong.

Best line: "I'd rather be a child of Thatcher than a son of Brown."

Score out of 10: Cameron 9 Miliband 2

Cameron relishes the battle of brothers (02.33)

Not averse to bringing up the awkward fact Ed Miliband won the leadership of the Labour party by beating his own brother, Cameron turned the tables on his rivals' criticism of then-foreign secretary William Hague.

Best line: "There's only one person round here who I can remember knifing a foreign secretary and I think I'm looking at him."

Score: Cameron 8 Miliband 3

Miliband gets the better of Cameron on party unity

With Labour riding high in the polls, Miliband took the opportunity to mock Cameron's inability to control his party after a massive rebellion over House of Lords reform.

Best line: "When he was asked why he wanted to be Prime Minister, he paused and with characteristic humility he 'because I think I'd be good at it'. Mr Speaker where did it all go wrong?"

Score: Cameron 4 Miliband 8

Miliband rips Cameron on all male front bench

The Prime Minister protested he is determined to see women in top positions across public life and boasted about the increase in the number of female Tory MPs. However, Miliband was able to capitalise on an awkward visual.

Best line: "A picture tells a thousand words look at the all male front bench ranged before us. He say he wants to represent the whole country Mr Speacker I gues they didn't let women into the Bullingdon Club either."

Score: Cameron 3 Miliband 9

Fight over Lord Freud's minimum wage remarks

Ed Miliband caught David Cameron on the hop with a quote from Tory peer Lord Freud who told a gathering at the Conservative Party conference that some disabled people were "not worth the minimum wage". However, the blow failed to prove as devastating as was hoped.

The full transcript showed Lord Freud was in favour having a lower minimum wage for the disabled who may not otherwise find work but added the state should top up their wages to make up the difference.

Best line: "The Conservative Party to its worst instincts unfunded tax cuts, hitting the poorest hardest now undermining the minimum wage. The nasty party is back."

Score: Cameron 4 Miliband 9

Heated words over the NHS

David Cameron was able to deflect attacks on Labour's strongest issue - the NHS - by pressing Miliband over whether he said he wanted to "weaponise the NHS" for the election.

Best line: If his motives are that he cares about this great national institution, fine, but he told the political editor of the BBC he wanted to weaponise the NHS, so I ask him again, get up there and withdraw.

Score: Cameron 7 Miliband 3

Bonus: Cameron loses it with Ed Balls (00.33)

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